LASIK Surgery Overview

LASIK is a popular form of vision correction, which stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomeleusis. It has become one of the most popular form of surgical vision correction in the last decade, and is also suitable for a range of eyesight prescription ranges.

Before the surgery, the patient is given anesthetic drops applied into the eye. During the procedure, a microkeratome is used to create a ‘flap’ out of the outer cornea, which will be folded outwards and then afterwards replaced. When the protective flap has been folded out of the way of the underlying corneal tissue, an Excimer laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue. Cool laser light pulses onto the cornea’s inner layers, which is reshaped to your glasses or contact lens prescription.

Afterwards, the flap is returned to the reshaped location and then it conforms itself to the new shape. Once the replacement of the flap is done, it then seals itself to the cornea.

If you have myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, LASIK could be a suitable option to eliminate or reduce your reliance on contact lenses and spectacles. If you lead an active lifestyle, having to wear spectacles may be a hindrance when playing sports. Those with high degrees of myopia or astigmatism may also feel that spectacles do not provide the best vision correction, and thus LASIK may be a better long term solution.

Most adults and young adults prefer to opt for contact lenses due to convenience and aesthetic reasons. However, eye allergies and dry eyes are common problems faced by contact lens wearers. Prolonged use of contact lenses can lead to damaging the eye surface, due to the lack of oxygen which reaches the eye. Unsanitary management and cleaning of contact lenses could also lead to infection of the cornea.

Those seeking to have LASIK should at least have had one year of stable spectacle prescription, a suitable myopia or astigmatism range, not be breast-feeding or pregnant and cannot have eye diseases.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Singapore

Generally, in Singapore a custom Lasik surgery per eye costs from as low as $1,200 to over $10,000 per eye. But if you have no problem going with the older technology then you can get a Lasik surgery done at the lower cost range. If money doesn’t matter a lot for you then you should be prepared to spend $4,000 to over $10,000 to get all the latest technology available in the current Singapore market. If you have no hesitation in going for older technology like PRK and Ep-Lasik, then you may have to spend much lesser money than you have to pay for going for the latest technology. The reason of cheap cost of PRK and Ep-Lasik is, those technologies have been there for more than a decade and they use blade technology, whereas the latest laser technology is bladeless.

Customize your Lasik surgery in Singapore

Customizing your Lasik surgery means you can select which things you need at the time of the Lasik surgery and which not. The cost of your Lasik surgery will depend upon the features, you want at the time of Lasik surgery. If you want brand new systems at the time of the surgery, then doctors can bring those; but you have to pay extra cost for that. The cost of the Singapore Lasik surgery depends upon the equipment used at the time of the surgery. Apart from the equipment, the cost of the surgery also depends upon the skills of the doctor involved in the surgery. The cost of a Lasik surgery is relatively similar across Singapore. Another thing that plays a vital role in making of the cost of the surgery is the complexity of the patient’s eye problems.

Factors which determine the cost of a Lasik surgery

You can’t get the final picture about the cost of a Lasik surgery before factoring in a lot of factors. You can get the clear picture after taking all those factors in to the account. If you want to go to a reputed and luxurious clinic in Singapore for the surgery, then you should be ready to spend more money. If you don’t want to spend more money in the surgery, then you have to manage in an average hospital in Singapore. The doctor’s fee also forms a major component of the total cost of the Lasik surgery. So the higher the proficiency of the doctor, the more is the doctor’s fee and more is the cost of the surgery. So, the better Singapore doctor you choose, the more money you have to spend.


As you are going to fix the problem in the most sensitive part of your body, which is eye by the Lasik surgery; so if you have got the money, then you shouldn’t worry about the cost. But if finances are a concern, then you should go for what the best you can afford.

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