How to Choose a LASIK Surgery Clinic

Choosing a LASIK surgery clinic is a big decision. Customer service, experience of the surgeon and his qualifications are some of the few methods which you can adopt in choosing a LASIK surgery clinic.

I have to remind you that the cost shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you can’t afford it, don’t visit an inexperienced eye doctor just for discounts. Instead, abolish the idea of undergoing LASIK surgery, and opt for cheaper alternatives such as spectacles and contact lenses. Remember, you go for a LASIK surgery to improve your vision. Do not opt for LASIK surgery just because all your friends and relatives went through the procedure. LASIK surgery costs can vary from as low as $1,800 per eye to $10,000 depending on the type of LASIK surgery and complexity of the chosen procedure. Even if you have already made the decision to go for a LASIK surgery, educate yourself about it at the very least. You can then find the right choice of clinic for yourself.

With the advancement of technology in Singapore, I’m sure the internet will render a lot of help in the researching of your choices. Fortunately, most LASIK surgery clinics have websites, where you can check out the cost, their qualifications and their familiarity in carrying out LASIK surgeries. Next, using the older method, using your phonebook and your phone – call them up. Just like normal real-life conversations, you can feel if someone is being rude or unwilling to speak to you. Use this ability in the calls to the clinics. If they are professional in their correspondence with you, request for a consultation.

Procedures such as observing if the clinic is well equipped and talking to the eye surgeon are also important. When you visit the clinic, the potential medical staff will be with you throughout your whole journey. From this, you will be able to ‘measure’ if they are treating you well enough. If they are, then this is the team you would want choose. Clinics with outdated equipment do not seem to be the best choices. Choose those that are equipped with modern equipment, so as to keep you away from any danger. Speak to the eye surgeon too. Speaking to him is to understand him better, such as knowing what type of qualifications he has.

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