Before and After a LASIK surgery

If you are planning to undergo a LASIK surgery, there are a few things to expect before and after a LASIK surgery. Undergoing a LASIK surgery is a big decision, and this article will prepare you for what comes before and after the surgery.

If you are planning to undergo a LASIK surgery, perhaps you would want to think if you are willing to spend a few thousand dollars on it. The price of undergoing a LASIK surgery costs approximately S$2,000 for one eye, and S$4,000 for two. If you are unwilling to pay such a high price, it is suggested that you get yourself a pair of spectacles, which is a cheaper alternative. Now, if you are willing to pay the price of undergoing a LASIK surgery, you will have to ponder about another thing – which clinic? Discounted surgeries are not recommended – unless the clinic is licensed.There are a variety of clinics which do LASIK surgeries that you can choose from. Many of these clinics are located at Orchard Road, and these clinics have very professional staff and are well-equipped.

Now when you visit the clinic that you have chosen, you will be given a pre-consultation, which is crucial. You will also be asked some questions in an examination, which you will be given. Of course, they will also make sure you are comfortable throughout the consultation. And if you have any uncertainties, this will be the time to clear them up. It is important to choose a right clinic with good service, so that the staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and doubts, so as to prepare you for the full process that you are getting ready for.

After your procedure, it is best to take a few days of leave from work after your surgery. Don’t be delighted once you hear that the surgery only takes a few hours or even minutes. You won’t be able to see properly without a pair of special sunglasses, which will be protecting your eyes the moment you step out of the clinic. Also, you will not be able to leave after you finish the surgery. You will have to take a rest before leaving. And when you are resting, you should avoid reading books or watching the television. Instead, listen to music so as to make time pass faster. Driving is also not recommended immediately after. Days after the surgery, common symptoms such as dry eyes will start to appear. Don’t worry, there’s nothing serious. The surgeon will also arrange follow up checks on you after the surgery, where you will be given eye drops to counter the dry eye symptom.

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