Am I Fit For LASIK Surgery?

Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for a LASIK surgery. Sadly, many people think that LASIK is suitable for everyone, including those with eye problems. Don’t make rash decisions, like what people always say, “Think before you do”.

Eye problems and medical conditions play a big role in a LASIK eye surgery. If you have short or long sightedness, you will have to depend on the severity to see if the LASIK surgery will even help you to improve your eyesight. Patients with certain eyesight conditions will eventually find themselves going for several treatments, and will also need to wear spectacles – although at a lower degree – even after the surgery. Naturally, when people grow older, their vision will start to defect. People who once had only near-sightedness will start to have far-sightedness too after 40. If you really choose to have a LASIK surgery at this point in time, then you will have to choose between far-sightedness and near-sightedness, as LASIK surgery can only cure one. And to know your chances of success, you will have to speak to an experienced and qualified eye doctor. Medical conditions should also be notified to the doctor if you are visiting the clinic for the first time. Your surgery will be scheduled to another date or cancelled should any infection in your eyes appear. Pregnant women are also not encouraged to go for LASIK surgeries.

After the surgery, you will still have to protect your eyes by taking things easy and by resting your eyes. If you’re a very busy person, for example, LASIK is most certainly not encouraged for you, as you wouldn’t be able to rest your eyes after the treatment, unless you take unpaid leave and stay at home to rest. This process won’t take a long time if you have had given your eyes adequate amounts of rest. Many people rather opt for cheaper alternatives such as wearing glasses again or putting on contact lenses. For two eyes, you will have to pay about S$2500, and post-surgery symptoms such as dry eyes could also occur. However, upon calculation, you will realize that changing your glasses every year for 10 years would cost much more than having a LASIK surgery that costs S$2500, which lasts for the whole of your lifetime.

So, these are a few factors that you need to look out for before signing up for a LASIK eye surgery. It will not only depend on financial aspects, but also on medical and personal aspects. If you are not suitable for a LASIK surgery yet, I’m sure good things are always worth waiting for. Wait till you meet the requirements of undergoing a LASIK surgery before going for one.

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